To Be A Thing @ WAS gallery

July 15–August 26, 2017 

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 15, 2017, 6-9pm


To be a Thing is a duet exhibition of works by Travis Childers and Jen Noone. Both artists work with everyday objects and give them a screaming presence. They become seen and in the newfound limelight tell a story.


Noone’s objects consist primarily of consumer products that she describes as surface treatments. These materials include nail polish, makeup foundation, bronzer, skin illuminator, t-shirts, and body wash.


Childers similarly uses everyday, consumer products in his work, drawn to office supplies such as pencils, pen caps, and stick pins.


In their respective artworks, the artists aim to raise concerns over consumer culture and its effects on the environment.  The use of everyday things in their art is at once humorous and critical.

For More Information Contact:

Joumana Moukarim

WAS gallery

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